The Armenian Social Civilian Action Network

We are a non-partisan Armenian organization that advocates for a strong, secure, and democratic Armenia. The mission of ASCAN is to encourage and persuade the Armenian government to enact specific policies that create strong, enduring and beneficial outcomes for Armenia and the Armenian people. We engage with and educate decision-makers about the bonds that unite Armenians in Armenia and the world, and how it is in Armenia’s best interest to help ensure that the Armenian state remains safe, strong, democratic, economically free and secure.

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ASCAN is dedicated to using our networks to bring bold and strategically significant initiatives –– be they in the fields of business, trade, technology, or even social –– towards successful completion.

Welcome to ASCAN!

We Accelerate Projects that Help Armenia

Access to our Network:

Get introduced to the changemakers in Armenia who could help your project go from idea stage to the World stage

Awareness raising

Gain exposure for your projects

Strategic Consulting

Receive mentoring from our team of experts in various industries to ensure success for your project AND Armenia

Making Armenia better for Armenians

Connecting better policies with the right network:

Leveraging our Network

Promoting projects that makes Armenia relevant to the world and the world relevant to Armenia

Encouraging smart policy-making

Working with the government to enact the sort of policies which make Armenia the global hub it deserves to be

Armenia at the centre stage

Advocate for Armenia as a beacon of opportunity for global Armenians and others alike

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