The Armenian Social Civilian Action Network (or ASCAN) was formed in late 2020 by a group of patriotic citizens and residents of Armenia driven by the determination that never again shall Armenia’s long-term security and prosperity be compromised by disunity, a lack of strategising, and relative unimportance to the World. ASCAN is bent on turning our accrued war-time networking experiences to helping the Armenian homeland in times of peace.

ASCAN Council

The members of ASCAN’s decision-making body combine unique and diverse skill sets which together combine to turn this organization into a powerful accelerator for all sorts of daring initiatives designed to make Armenia stronger and Armenians more prosperous. The ASCAN Council chooses projects and initiatives deemed worthy of Armenia’s future and work to provide them with the means to succeed: be they financial, social, networked or otherwise.

ASCAN Membership

ASCAN is open to all Armenians and non-Armenians who are ready to leverage their skills, their efforts, and their network for the collective long-term benefit of the Armenian nation. Members and contributors are encouraged to introduce the organization to initiatives that they are aware of and bring them to the attention of the ASCAN council.

The Team

We are made up of Armenians from all walks of life.

Amoor Davit Avakian
Co-Founder @ Ginosi, CPO @ Hotelchamp

Amoor is an ex-Googler and co-founder of Ginosi Group who really gets a hard on for Product development, and helping Armenia thrive.

Narek Amirkhanyan
Marketing & Media

Vache Asatryan

Vache grew up in a family of artists, architects and engineers, with his early childhood spent in Yerevan and his formative years in Brooklyn. Since 2013, Vache has built tech teams and initiatives in Yerevan while working with US and European startups.

Hasmik Atomyan
Technologist & Lawyer

Hasmik is a formally trained lawyer-turned-self-taught-software engineer.

Raffi Elliott
Journalist, Political Analyst

Raffi Elliott is a Canadian-Armenian political risk analyst, journalist and tech entrepreneur based in Yerevan, Armenia. As a correspondent for the Mirror-Spectator, his focus is socioeconomic, political, business and diplomatic issues in Armenia.

Hovhannes Harutyunyan
Public Polls Specialist

Mariam Hovsepyan

Mariam is a business lawyer and founding partner at Hovsepyans&Co. law firm. A natural risk taker, acting with high integrity, constant learner․ Continuously exploring the depths of Armenian identity and striving for a strong and prosperous Armenian World.

Harout S. Manougian
Elections Specialist

Contributor at EVN Report and Public Administration specialist.

Lilit Umrshatyan
Ascan Secretary

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